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By Amy Phillips Penn

Who would believe you were a beauty indeed
When the days get shorter and the nights get long…
Nobody will know, when you’re old
That you were a beauty, a sweet, sweet beauty.

“She’s So Cold,” The Rolling Stones


I knew a rock star from a close, but safe distance. We never spoke… privacy and all that… but, for whatever reason, the cosmos whispered his story to me.

Yes, he is as famous as Mick Jagger. Intrigued?

Of course, there are always tabloid rumors of his infidelity, but that’s between him and his Mrs.

Here’s what the tabloids don’t shout: “Heard it from a friend, who… heard it from a friend, who…”

On the precipice of this rock star going BIG, he asked his small town girlfriend to marry him.

She broke up with him on the spot, knowing that she couldn’t handle the avalanche of feminine competition that rock stardom brings.

Years, later, the rock star/superstar ran into her best friend.

He told her that the girl that had “gotten away,” would always be his big love.

– –

I didn’t know L’Wren Scott, and am not privy to any inside info on what drove her to her tragic ending.

We’ve all heard the rumors: she was under enormous financial pressure; her business was going under; Mick had broken up with her (he says “Not,”) and there were his alleged infidelities.

How wild can you really be at seventy, even if you’re Mick Jagger?

What I do know is that it is hard to keep up with the Jaggers, and other rock-my-world superstars

You have to be built a certain way to handle the super fame and competition. How many women (or men for that matter) are that secure?

In building a persona that took Laura Bambrough from Roy, Utah to L’Wren Scott, model, stylist designer and Jagger’s girlfriend, she also became an image to many, and an image that needed to rock at the top and stay put.

It’s not a party to ask for a multi- million dollar bailout, or go from envied to “not so” in the minds of others, and especially your own.

Taking a dive financially defines your friends in a hurry; it’s not an uncommon story.

Keeping your entourage when you can no longer afford to be in their playground isn’t a given.

As for L’Wren, the rumors ring on: She was worried about turning the “big 50.” Say what you will, but 50 is still the new 50.

Would she still be desirable to Jagger when age sulked in?

Rest in peace, L’Wren Scott.

We’re all a mirror of your desires.


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