Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Enrique Grijalva
By Enrique Grijalva

It’s been so long since I’ve heard a woman suggest that the men she works with wear a sanitary pad in their underpants — even longer since I’ve heard the following sentence on AM radio, “It’s a pillow for your scrotum.” OK, I’ll cut the sarcasm, because I can’t honestly remember ever hearing anyone speak about such things…moreover on talk radio.

Today, in this politically correct climate, various media programs find themselves trapped inside a vacuum of monotony. It’s just a collection of mind-numbing content. This is how the Lolo Show differentiates itself, as a necessary outburst of radical dialogue, designed to — God forbid — entertain and inform. By blatantly stepping over boundaries and walking into painstakingly humorous territory many claim to inhabit — but are too petrified to visit — the Lolo Show has brought back open-minded discussions to the radio waves.

It has quickly become the Tri-state area’s dirty little secret. And the reason for the show’s edgy content is largely due to its colorful cast of characters. The Lolo Show is hosted by the unholy trinity of Michael Shawn, a comedian and veteran urban radio personality, Joe DeLong, a gay conservative comedian, and Lois Burak, the daughter of Marvin Burak, a controversial 1960s liberal radio personality who was shot and killed by Lois’s mother.

Despite the impetuously abrupt end to her parent’s relationship, which literally placed Lois in the crossfire (resulting in a gunshot wound to the leg), she was able to move forward with her life.

As a high school dropout, Burak was a young girl trying to cope with the untimely detonation of a dysfunctional family that left her with the abrupt task of fending for herself. She’d eventually spend her teen years nurturing her beautician skills, and by the time she was a 22-year-old woman, she would open up her own salon.

However, in her heart, she felt that the salon business was survival — the gig that paid the bills. She knew that her calling was in broadcasting. Then, after another string of unfortunate events occurred in her personal life, Burak decided to leave the salon business to pursue her dreams.

An opportunity to appear on one of Howard Stern’s shows on SiriusXM Radio connected her with a former writer of the original Howard Stern Show. That soon led to a meeting with the program’s director, where Burak would pitch an early incarnation of the Lolo Show. This would eventually lead to a successful yet short-lived run on SiriusXM’s “Playboy Spice Channel,” which included such shenanigans as the oral sex competition between Burak and DeLong, using a cucumber to determine who could deliver superior pleasure to a man — a gay man or a woman.

Politics would eventually derail the show.

“One day I get an email right before we’re getting ready to air the show that says I have to cease and desist speaking with the media. That I am in violation of my contract,” explains  Burak about  the aftermath of all the press the show received. The lack of funds and SiriusXM’s refusal to allow sharing and promotional usage of the show also contributed to the breakup with the station. “We were not allowed to replay the content. Even though it was our show, it still belonged  to SiriusXM.”

Burak and company held their heads high as they walked away from the station, feeling confident in their product. The Lolo Show had earned a certain credibility that would eventually lead them to their new home Sunday evenings  at 5:30p.m., on 920 AM The Voice.

“And we are back at the Lolo Show on 920 AM The Voice,” announces Lois when returning from commercial. I’ve been listening intently for the last few weeks and I can’t help but laugh.

Lois’s latest escapade involves Dr. Z, a Philadelphia-based doctor, who is famous for administering an experimental injection on women to their clitoris, known as the ‘O’ shot. It’s meant to intensify a woman’s ability to orgasm. Lois volunteered to take the  shot.

“This came from a vampire facelift, correct?” asked Lois of the ‘O’ shot.

“Correct,” responded Dr. Z.

“So how does someone go from a vampire face-lift to a shot in the vagina?” asked Lois.

“It depends on how tall you are,” responded Dr. Z.

Whether you think the humor on the Lolo Show is crude and immature, or if you believe the topics are too offensive and unnecessary, you have to admit that they have the frequency to turn you on.

5 Responses to Uncensored New York: The Lolo Show

  1. Joe W says:

    I’ve had the great fortune of knowing lois. Growing up together in felt on ville..,she’s the real deal..,…sexy..funny….provocative and so fucking positive….WISHIN U ALL THE BEST …
    LOVE U Lo…Joey Woodill

  2. MrRAW says:

    Finally some much deserved recognition… love the Lolo Show!!!

  3. preemiememe says:

    What a show!!! A Woman saying things the way I do with my friends ,,Real,,Honest,,and she Hysterical !! I can’t wait for the next broadcast!! The LoLo Show is so FUNNY!!!!!

  4. R.j. Vanvoorhis says:

    I have the pleasure of being a friend of Lois and she is an amazing woman

  5. Marc Kaye says:

    Real discussion and open conversation behind the humor. Don’t be fooled and don’t miss it!

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