Spring in NYC Getty Images News/Spencer Platt
By Stef Skinner

Over the past week or so, New York has seen the glimmer of a new light: spring. Clocks sprang forward and temperatures crept up, melting snow and ice into puddles that I have unwillingly stepped in (but realized it’s better than stepping in dog shit …or maybe it is the same.)

As the seasons are transitioning, so are the people who live here. Relationships no longer seem to make sense. What felt right in the depths of winter doesn’t feel quite so comfortable anymore.

There’s a restlessness that happens here in the City when New Yorkers catch Spring Fever, and having gone through my fair share of “transitions,” I thought I’d offer up some guidelines to help you get through yours:



There’s a quote I love that I found on Instagram that says, “Being single is all fun and games until that temperature drops.”

I once had someone on Tinder tell me that winter was coming and he wasn’t going to be spending it alone. I hope he found someone who shares his seasonal beliefs; I, however, was more than happy to head home and order Seamless. At least they keep your order history — a side of ranch, Parmesan, hold the onions — and we never even have to speak. It just works…seamlessly!

On the dating front, I’m hopeful that with the new season, a fresh batch of possibilities will hit “the scene.” While it might not be a You’ve Got Mail moment, I’m down to meet up and see if maybe I swiped the right way.


“Cold.” If that word comes out of my mouth, or the weather is a topic of discussion, I may just wrap my scarf a little tighter…and gag! It was cold; we were ALL cold. If I rotate the same five sweaters again I will become a cat lady…and I don’t even like cats.

The next time someone asks me how the weather is, I will direct them to their local news channel or to an app. People get paid to talk about it — and I don’t.

New Season = New You

I’m all about trial and error; your resolutions didn’t work out, and neither did you during the “rough patch” we all called winter. So renew your gym membership, salute the sun, and enjoy the newest natural vitamin in the rotation: D.


Until the heat wave…turn, turn turn.

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