NYC Spring Image courtesy of New York Natives, photographer James L. Knobloch
By James L. Knobloch

You might not be aware – and really, who could blame you – that it’s officially springtime in New York City…allegedly. That’s right; nothing says “spring” like schlepping through a late-March snowfall.

Sweater weather aside, it is (technically) spring in the City, and despite the persistent wind chill, the signs are all around – and they’re quintessentially New York.


Cabs for Everyone

Blame it on snow-related train delays or gray sky-induced seasonal affective disorder, but post-New Year’s winter in New York can be pretty glum at times. Maybe that’s why it’s nigh impossible to hail a cab from December until mid-March. Basically, it’s like trying to get a cab in the rain, every day of the week.

Granted, the MTA is still unreliable at best no matter what the month or the weather, but thanks to the marginally improved weather, more people are willing to walk…which means more cabs for us lazy folks.

Tank tops in Chelsea

No sooner than the threat of frostbite vanishes does the official uniform of Chelsea emerge from hibernation. Gone are the fur-trimmed Canada Goose winter coats, replaced overnight by snapbacks, tank tops, denim shorts, and neon-colored high tops.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for the “sun’s out, guns out” philosophy. I’m just saying it might be better without shivering like a Chihuahua. Goose bumps do not go with that top, bro. Neither do your blue lips.

Closet Space

Assuming you’re one of the lucky New Yorkers with a mythical 27 Dresses closet, your storage space is at a premium. And nothing eats up closet space like those down puffer jackets we’re all so fond of. Enter spring cleaning.

Break out the Ziploc Space Bags for those cumbersome winter coats and move your Sorel boots to the top shelf. You have a functional closet once more!

Open Windows

Unless you’re like me, and happen to be a human furnace who keeps his windows open year-round, spring means cracking open that one window not dominated by a window unit for the first time in months and letting in some of that fresh(ish) air.

And in a city like New York, those open windows come with their own unique set of challenges and discoveries. For example, I discovered that my neighbor is the last remaining fan of Uncle Kracker, and expresses said fandom by playing “Follow Me,” loudly, several times a day.

Sidewalk Obstacles

Aside from the most stalwart of hot nut vendors, the sidewalks are largely free of commercial activity throughout the colder months. One sure sign of impending spring is the return of the NYC sidewalk obstacle course.

As if avoiding a face full of exhaled cigarette smoke and slow moving pedestrians wasn’t enough, now the sidewalks are further congested with tables selling off-brand bootleg DVDs and various restaurants’ ill-advised “outdoor patio dining.” Who doesn’t love being stared at and bumped into while enjoying an overpriced salad?


Spring is here, so just be careful and keep your head on a swivel when picking up your copy of Disney’s classic animated underwater adventure, The Small Half-Fish Girl.

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