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By Hannah Howard

SCOOP DU JOUR is a weekly column by food enthusiast  Hannah Howard about eating, cooking, and exploring her way through New York.  From a visit with the City’s greatest grocer to discovering the “umami” of love,  Fridays are packed with the unique flavor only Hannah can coax out of a culinary experience.

Passover is one of my favorite culinary events — Jewish holidays mean feasting, obviously! A teeny-tiny NYC kitchen isn’t getting in my way, and I hope it doesn’t get in yours, either.

My parents hosted a seder for their second date. Cute, right? Growing up, springtime meant gefilte fish and family and searching under the couch cushions for the afikoman. Passover has been a tradition for me throughout my whole life — essential, wonderful.

I love tradition. I also love messing with tradition. Perhaps it’s my family ethos. We used to read bits and pieces from various haggadim my parents collected through the years — Maosist, feminist, anarchist, and Maneschevitz — until I decided to write/compile my own during high school. We’ve been using that one since, although this year I feel inspired to update; I better get to work.

At college in NYC, we often neglected Passover. After all, the classic menu is famous for being a gigantic pain in the ass. Soup from scratch, sweet brisket bubbling away, flourless cakes threatening to go horribly wrong; blood, sweat, and tears.

There is nothing as magical as chicken soup from scratch. But there’s no shame in a shortcut, especially when it means the difference between seder and no seder. Compromise: buy chicken stock, spruce it up with carrots and fresh, fragrant dill, make your own bliss-inducing balls, so light they levitate.

Here are three easy, quick, yummy recipes perfect for executing in your bitty kitchen. (And if you have a spacious kitchen, they are still great recipes, and I’m wildly jealous.)

Chag sameach, and bon appetit!


Produced by Thomas Peisel

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