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On August 17th, 1994: The Central Park Reservoir was renamed in honor of former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Though the Reservoir had been retired earlier in 1993, it remained (and still remains) a popular spot for tourists and natives alike, especially those who enjoy jogging the Reservoir’s 1.58 mile jogging path. Jackie, who had passed away earlier that year, had been particularly fond of the Reservoir both for exercise and leisure.

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On August 17th, 1969: The then up-and-coming New York Jets beat the tried-and-true New York Giants in their first game against each other, 37-14. The Jets were a new team still high off of their first visit to the Super Bowl the previous year. In contrast, the Giants were an older franchise though their days of glory were shifting into the past. The game, which was played in the preseason, was viewed by many as a “turf war,” a way for the Jets to establish themselves further as major contenders in American Football

NY Giants vs  NY Jets On This Day In NYCs History: Robert De Niro was Born
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On August 17th, 1973: Actor, director, and producer Robert De Niro was born in Greenwich Village. Growing up in Little Italy, De Niro attended numerous schools, public and private, before dropping out at sixteen to pursue acting. His first major role was as the young Vito Corleone in Martin Scorsese’s 1974 Godfather II, a performance for which he won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. Throughout a successful career spanning decades, De Niro has received special attention for starring in such New York classics as Taxi Driver, New York, New York, and Goodfellas. You can the boy out of the City, but you can’t take the City out of the boy.

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