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On June 26th, 1844: Former president John Tyler married First Lady Julia Tyler. The two were introduced early in 1842 at a White House reception, shorty after which the president began to court the much younger and more attractive Souther belle. Julia laughingly refused her soon-to-be husband’s first marriage proposal, but alas, the odd couple eventually got hitched at the Church of the Ascension in Greenwich Village.

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On June 26th, 1971: Evita closed at the Broadway Theatre after 1,567 performaces. Musical superstar Patti LuPone starred as Eva in the original Broadway production alongside Mandy Patinkin, Bob Gunton, Mark Syers, and Jane Ohringer. A smash hit, Evita won countless awards, including six Drama Desks and six Tonys.


On June 26th, 1957: Rock vocalist Patty Smyth was born. Smyth first stepped into the spotlight in the early 80s as the lead singer of the band Scandal. With her distinct voice and innovative, new wave image, Smyth went on to record and perform on her own. A talented singer-songwriter, she performed and co-wrote with two-time Grammy winner James Ingram “Look What Love Has Done” for the 1994 motion picture, Junior. While the work earned her both a Grammy and an Academy Award nomination, she is probably better known for her hit single “Sometimes Love Just Ain’t Enough.”

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