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On October 26, 1936: Actress Shelley Morrison, known best for her portrayal of Rosario on Will & Grace, was born in New York City. Morrison also was a cast member on the television sitcom The Flying Nun, and likewise appeared in a recurring role in General Hospital. 


On October 26, 1958: Pan American Airways made the first commercial flight of the Boeing 707 aircraft. The commercial was recorded on a flight from New York City to Paris, France. The 42nd Army Infantry Division Band played at the flight’s 7 p.m. departure and a band met the plane in Paris the next morning.

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On October 26, 1656: The Blue laws, also known as Sunday laws, was passed in New Amsterdam (the former name for New York City). This law restricted any work or amusement to take place on Sundays for religious standards, particularly to observe a day of worship or rest. Fortunately, things have since changed and Sunday brunch has become a de facto part of New York City life.

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