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On July 13, 1863: Mobs angered by the new draft rioted in NYC, burning buildings and looting stores. Over the three days of the riot, over a hundred civilians were killed, at least eleven of which were black men who were lynched. With thousands injured, the draft riots of 1863 remain the largest civil insurrection in American history.

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On July 13, 1951: Actress Didi Conn was born in Brooklyn. Conn is best known for playing the character Frenchy in both Grease and Grease 2. She is also a celebrity spokesperson for the foundation Autism Speaks, and has also worked extensively with the National Alliance for Autism Research.


On July 13, 1977: Lightning struck an electrical substation, triggering a series of power failures in the City, and creating a city-wide blackout. The blackout lasted well into the next day, and came as the City was experiencing a severe financial crisis, as well as the panic brought on by the Son of Sam murders. Massive looting and rioting rocked the city.

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