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On October 15, 1939: LaGuardia Airport was dedicated as the New York Municipal Airport and opened for business weeks later in December. The airport has grown incredibly since, handling 27 million passengers in 2013. However, the airport has been the recipient of heavy criticism, including from Joe Biden who likened the airport to “a third world country”.

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On October 15, 1943: Actress, producer, and director Penny Marshall was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. She starred as Laverne DeFazio on Laverne & Shirley and directed the hit films Big and A League of their Own.


On October 15, 1992: New York City subway motorman Robert Ray was convicted of manslaughter in the fatal Union Square subway crash that occurred on August 28, 1991. Ray was intoxicated while operating the train, had overshot the platforms, was running at 40 mph in a 10 mph zone, and derailed the train. Five riders were killed and 215 were injured.

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