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By On This Day in NYC's History


On August 4, 1915: Pianist and lounge musician Irving Fields was born. After a childhood spent in the Lower East Side, he began developing his trademark Latin-Fusion style when he landed a job on a cruise ship that brought him to Latin American ports like Havana and San Juan. His distinctive style has been recorded on albums such as Bagels and BongosMore Bagels and BongosPizza and Bongos, and, of course, Champagne and Bongos. Fields is still a regular on the lounge circuit in NYC.



On August 4, 1995: Right fielder Darryl Strawberry played his first game for the New York Yankees. The Yankees signing him was a bold move considering he was just coming off a suspension for cocaine use. Strawberry did not disappoint, playing steadily, if not brilliantly, for the team until he retired in 1999.