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By On This Day in NYC's History


On August 14, 1947: Author Danielle Steel was born in New York City. Raised around the world,  Steel published her first book before she was 30 years old and has continued to publish at least one new novel almost every year since. Though often accused of being formulaic, Steel has clearly figured out the formula for success, as she is unfailingly at the top of the bestsellers list when her books come out.


On August 14, 1980: Jimmy Carter accepted his second presidential nomination at the New York City Democratic Convention. The Convention, which was held at Madison Square Garden, had begun on August 11th and Democratic delegates gathered to nominate their next candidate. In the end, Carter won the day, earning 64% of the vote, followed by Ted Kennedy with 35% of the vote.


On August 14, 1928: The Broadway comedy The Front Page opened. The play, written by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur, tells the story of tabloid journalists looking for the next story at Chicago’s Cook County Jail. The play was a smash hit and has spawned not only numerous revivals but also inspired the iconic film His Girl Friday which follows the plot the of the play.