Brain Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
By Laura Lee Flanagan


“Make a list of all of the thoughts and behaviors that you want to get rid of.
I don’t care how long it is, and we’ll get rid of them.” — Dr. Errol Gluck


Huh? Are you kidding? You promise?

I was a New York kid raised on Woody Allen movies. Death and neurosis are at the forefront of my life at pretty much all times. Both steer me in the direction of fatalism. I’ve got what I’ve got, so I buck up and deal (or whine if following Woody’s lead).

The good news is, a few years ago, New Scientist — my source for all news and information — awakened me to neuroplasticity, and I have been prattling on about it ever since. In fact, neuroplasticity is the “thing” that led me to create New York Natives.

In the broadest strokes, neuroplasticity is a general term that references changes in neural pathways and synapses affected by changes in environment, behavior, thinking, and emotions, as well as bodily injury or trauma. The notion that our brains change physically, chemically, and structurally because of the experiences we have and the data we download simply intoxicates me.

I don’t know about you, but It’s so exciting (and relieving) to know that I don’t have to keep the same brain for the rest of my life. In fact, even if I do nothing, it will change; but maybe not for the better. So the hope of getting to take charge (control freak that I am) and make it change in the ways I want, is deeply satisfying; dreamy in fact.

Imagine proactively altering the world we live in just by changing our thoughts and perceptions. I can just hear you naysayers out there. But doubters beware: this is real science.

As the New Year approaches, I am giving myself the greatest gift I can think of…I’m rewiring my brain. And yes, I am enlisting professional help. I want the New Year and all the years’ that follow, to be as I want them to be, not “as they come” at me.

Enter Dr. Errol Gluck, a master of hypnosis, hypnotherapy, life coaching, executive coaching and mediation. Dr. Gluck told me to make that list I mentioned earlier; and in a few short weeks, the re-wiring I have started on my own will be enhanced by his stalwart assistance. Then before you know it, my shiny new brain will start functioning in the way we plan.

What would Woody say? “I’ll believe it when I see it.”