By Wendy Cohen

When a native New Yorker hears the words “New York,” it most often conjures feelings pride, passion, and ambition, and words and phrases like “striving, the best of everything available, maker of dreams, fast, and survival of the fittest.” As they say, “if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” Personally, that creative energy that makes me feel like all my dreams can be manifested in NYC always drives me back to the City, even when I think I want to escape forever to Florida or California. New York is where creativity and business collide. Sometimes you make it work, sometimes you don’t, but those who do are revered, especially by New Yorkers.

My passion is beauty and fashion in all its facets, so I see life through that lens. I have immense respect for entrepreneurs who succeed and thrive and can rise above the fray to become world known brands. One beauty entrepreneur who has captured my heart and mind is Bobbi Brown. For 25 years, she has stood out as classy and tasteful, celebrating women as they are and enhancing their inherent beauty. Her message is “Be who you are.” She started with 10 lipsticks at NYC’s Bergdorf Goodman, “with a simple idea – natural looking makeup and a lipstick that looked like lips.” She was an instant hit – she sold 100 lipsticks in her first day in New York City which was her sales forecast for the month. For her 25 year anniversary, she celebrates the city where her iconic beauty line became an overnight success with her New York City palette. The palette “features four nude shadows in matte and metallic finishes and the perfect natural blush shade—all in a collectible mirrored compact.”

Another way to embody your pride for New York and accessorize your outfit is with a fresh New York-based accessories brand like Ashley Bridget. This brand recently captured my attention for its simple, positive messages and affordable pricing. Some women tattoo quotes on their wrist, but because I change my mind in a New York minute about nearly everything, I prefer to wear my positive affirmations in the form of silver or gold bracelets. As a New Yorker, I particularly appreciate her new Jet Set collection which has “New York” emblazoned on a chic silver or gold bracelet. It is fun yet elegant, comfortable to wear, and another way those who appreciate New York can celebrate the City as either “a token of where you traveled or where you dream to travel.” She always provides a sales promotion which makes these enriching and attractive messages that much more of a guiltless impulse buy, her fall promotion code for 50% off, is FALL50. Enjoy these Native finds!
Screen Shot 2016 10 13 at 11.53.00 AM Fashion PLUS Life: NYC Beauty and Accessory Treats