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This was a banner year for New York Natives, so the staff decided that a compilation of our best columns and video series was one way to celebrate. First, we selected the best-viewed content of 2014, and from this list, we voted for our favorites by secret ballot to select our “New York Natives: Best of 2014!” Next year, we’ll ask you to vote!

Thanks to all of our loyal viewers, partners, and contributors.  We wish you all health, wealth, and happiness in the new year…and the time and space to enjoy it.

Happy New Year from all of us at New York Natives!

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Native Icon: Kelly Cutrone
by Nancy Mendelson

1 Kelly Cutrone 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

“Kelly Cutrone.” The mere mention of her name sends shivers up and down the spines of aspiring models and PR interns alike. A lot of people have a lot to say about this ferocious and provocative media maven, but none more vocally than Kelly, herself.

Native Spotlight: Bees Knees Spicy Honey
by New York Natives Staff

2 Bees Knees 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Brooklyn’s Casey Elsass and Morgen Newman decided to create a business in 30 days, and the result was Mixed Made. The company’s first product, Bees Knees Spicy Honey, only has two ingredients — honey and chili peppers — and truly lives up to their slogan, “Great on Anything.”


Native Underground: Rise and Grind
by New York Natives Staff

3 Rise and Grind 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Skateboarding isn’t just about Heel-flips and Crooked Grinding on ramps and rails throughout New York City — to skaters, it’s a lifestyle. This subculture has since become a global phenomenon thanks to the emergence of skateboarding video games, street league competitions, and fashion apparel.


Artbeat: The World Beneath Your Feet
by Camilla Webster 

4 ARTBEAT 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Join artist Camilla Webster for an eye opening journey on the New York City subway, where the difference between looking and seeing reveals that art is everywhere.


Offbeat: An Invitation to Dance
by Laura Hill

5 OFFBEAT 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Chronicling the life of born and raised New Yorker Simi Linton, Invitation to Dance — an extraordinary film by Simi Linton and Christian Von Tippelskirch — tells the story of Simi’s very personal experience as a disabled woman in this country, and hers is a true New York Story.


Noah’s Arc: Beauty is the Best Revenge
by Noah Levy

6 NOAHS ARC 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Darian Darling — makeup artist, “it” girl, hostess, and lover of all things blonde — moved to New York City with a dream and a mission: to live a glamorous life in the sparkling City she grew up seeing in magazines and films. Whether on the arm of Lady Gaga, hosting a fabulous party, or just walking down the street in one of her eye catching looks, she has succeeded, and is already a legend at a very young age. Darling and Noah Levy discuss keeping your dreams alive in New York, how to overcome being bullied as an awkward, small-town teen, and why beauty is the best revenge.


Rooftop Sessions: Alec Benjamin
by Jeff Donlan

7 ROOFTOP SESSIONS Alec Benjamin 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Rooftop Sessions is at the Ravel Hotel’s Penthouse808 with Alec Benjamin, where he performs his new single, “Paper Crown.” Alec shares his story — from a small town childhood to college life in Los Angeles — and how it inspired this song and other music he composes from his dorm room at USC.


Scoop Du Jour: Cheese is Magic
by Hannah Howard

8 SCOOP DU JOUR 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Get out of your comfort zone with comfort foods! Prepare grilled cheese, mac n cheese, and fondue that will win hearts, minds, and bellies. If cheese makes you happy, great cheese will make you ecstatic. Think of these updated comfort foods as your gateway drugs to serious cheese. Remember: better cheese, better day!


Around The World in 5 Boroughs: The Taste of Laos in Tribeca
by Anjali Mansukhani

9 ATW 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

I’m eating at a frenetic pace, using a spoon, chopsticks, and my hands — this gives me three times the speed. Chef Soulayphet Schwader asks me, “Sab eelee? It’s delicious?” I nod yes feverishly. I am at Khe-yo in Tribeca, New York’s first restaurant serving the cuisine of Laos; think sticky rice, zesty papaya salads, and chicken-on-a stick — dishes often mistakenly associated with the cuisine of Thailand.


Awkward New York: I Got Dragged to New York Fashion Week
by Chris Vespoli

10 AWkWARD 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

When I was 5 years old, I went as Beetlejuice for Halloween. A child of the ‘80s, the eponymous Tim Burton movie was one of my favorites. My mom got the getup from some kind of mail-order costume place, and it was absolutely awesome. It had everything — the black-and-white-striped suit, the crazy blonde wig, the gross fingernails…even my makeup was impeccable. That year, my Cub Scout pack on Long Island held a costume contest, and I won the grand prize. It was the first and last time that I would be rewarded for my fashion sense.


Kokoro Chic: The Magic of a Hat
by Elizabeth Blake

11 KOKORO 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

More than a hat shop, Goorin Bros. is a destination! Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, this beautifully designed space serves as both a local gathering place and a haven of style. Discover your inner “hat person,” while sipping whiskey in an environment that makes you feel welcome…and fabulous.


Uncensored New York: The Cop Who Arrested Me was a Good Man
by Enrique Grijalva

12 UNCENSORED NEW YORK 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

The faint stench of urine sprang forth from the empty holding cell in which I was to occupy for the next two hours. I took a seat on the steel bench that appeared to have once bared a crisp, royal blue paint job, but then again, it was a holding cell. Amenities are not expected to be on par with the aesthetic qualities of a five star hotel, and that bench, which was noticeably worn down, appeared as if it wanted to forget the revolting scent of a few flatulent memories absorbed by its cold skin.


Back in the Day: Cop Language
by Mark DeMayo

13 BACK IN DAY 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

The other night at the comedy club, I was talking with a fellow comedian and I used the expression, it’s a ground ball. My buddy was fascinated by the term and asked me to repeat it. And then it hit me: I had just snuck some police jargon into our conversation. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. I guess I miss the job. It’s not that I miss doing actual police work; I miss just talking shop with other cops.


Born & Raised: Finding My Game Face (And Feet!)
by Anna Brooks

14 BORN  628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

I have always considered myself to be a tomboy. For as long as I can remember, if I was given the opportunity to go to a baseball game or to a dance recital, off to the game it was. In middle school, while some girls were wearing dresses and skirts, I wore ratty Giants tee shirts and basketball sneakers. During recess, instead of catching up on all of the enthralling seventh grade drama, I was playing football with the boys.


Vintage Gossip: An Unescorted Woman
by Amy Phillips Penn

15 VINTAGE GOSSIP 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

I love to go out alone — it’s an adventure, a potential conquest, and who knows what mystery might prevail. Of course, like so many adventures in life, this one is conditional. When I go out alone into the anonymity of night, I wander into a place where absolutely no one is likely to know me.


The Skinny: The City That Never Sleeps
by Stef Skinner

16 THE SKINNY 628x356 New York Natives: Best of 2014

Given the influx of fashion and street-style blogs, so much emphasis is placed on putting together your best ‘day time’ and ‘going out’ looks, we never really think about the nights we just plan on vegging-out at home. What began as my perfect kind of New York night — a rare date with my couch, DVR, and the finest take out the East Village had to offer, courtesy of Seamless — turned into a ‘what were you thinking getting dressed in the dark look’ situation.

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