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By DJ Lady DM

I love the clarity and complexity of lyrics written in the 80’s. Yes, every song was about love, in some manner or another — and they all still are today — yet the songs, lyrics, and instrumentation constructed meaning that supported each element in the most masterful sense. The artists were true Ar’tists — with the lifestyle to boot. Think New York City’s downtown music scene in the late 70’s early 80’s.

I, for one, am absolutely obsessed with the old photos and grainy documentary footage of that time period. Where was I? What was I actually doing at the time? I started second or third grade, and was stuck at home forced to watch frat boy teenage sex comedies (which were so inappropriate) due to having an older teenage brother. I’m not talking about Molly Ringwald films directed by John Hughes, but rather, Bob Clark’s Porky’s franchise (who is also strangely responsible for one of my favorite Christmas classics, A Christmas Story).

The music that colored my full moon nights growing up in the semi-depressing Regan-era 80’s would be more fitting to a Molly Ringwald film in which she and “Ducky” hotwire a Pinto and drive to New York City for a night out.

What’s on the tape that’s playing in the cassette deck? We’ve got some John Hughes film standards, a’la Pretty in Pink, soundtrack artists like Simple Minds, a large dash of American and British chart topping bands of the time: The Smiths, The Police, The Eurythmics, Naked Eyes, Grace Jones, The Pretenders, Roxy Music, and a sprinkling of David Bowie for good measure.

The entire film transpires in one special nightโ€ฆ.under a blood red full moon of course!

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