1. Off-the-rack solutions simply don’t fit your brand.
  2. You’re looking to reach a target audience that’s over-indexed where it counts: Urban, Affluent and Educated.
  3. It’s a true partnership you’re looking for, not simply an advertising platform.
  4. You’re tired of competing for a share ofvoice, and you really want to be heard.
  5. Where else can you find characters as colorful as a spiritual healer, a social daredevil, and an ex-cop all in one place? (besides a subway platform at 3 a.m.)
  6. You’re pretty OK with advertising on a site that has increased its unique visitors by 3100% in just under a year (really…that’s how much we’ve grown)
  7. The words “influencer”, “activator”, and “early adopter” make your skin crawl.
  8. You’re in the market for smart, relatable sponsored content that your audience will actually want to view.
  9. ROR (return on relationship) is equally as important as ROI.
  10. Native Advertising isn’t a buzzword, it’s in our DNA.

To learn more about how to Go Native, please contact:

Camilla Webster
CEO & Editor in Chief