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Astrologer, Founder Astrology Zone

Where is she from? Born and raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where she currently resides.

What’s she done? Astrology maven and creator of Astrology Zone the extraordinarily accurate website and app that millions of readers around the world cannot wait to read each month.

Why is she an icon? Susan is a prolific writer and besides her famed site content, her books, the first one, in 1996 The Astrology Book of Days: An Illustrated Perpetual Calendar; “Planets and Possibilities” 2011 and 2012 – “The Year Ahead” She also writes for Elle Hong Kong, W Korea, Tempo Turkey, Amica Italy, Lola Brazil and Vogue Japan.

Quote: “If you’re in a fix, I always say relax you’re in NY, you’ll be able to find an answer. People will guide you. You don’t need the answers in NY, you need the questions.”

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    Surely you have someone better than her to tweet about.

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