By New York Natives Staff


Hip Hop Dance Legend, Inventor Popping & Locking, Rocksteady Crew

Where is he from? Born and raised in East Harlem, Manhattan.

What’s he done? Hip Hop dance legend.

Why is he an icon? Pop Master Fabel is part of the intricate history and current life of real Hip Hop in New York City. Fabel entered the Hip Hop scene on the streets of Spanish Harlem as a kid in the 1970s.

Quote: On Hip Hop then and now: “[T]here was sort of this bi-coastal cultural exchange, if you will, informal because we became friends…the media … often just wants to kind of wrap it up quick and … keep it moving … a package, and there it is…it’s easier to consume.”

#PopLockAndDropIt #DanceMaster #LivingLegend

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