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Where is he from? Born and raised in Ozone Park, Queens. He attended St. Francis Preparatory School in Fresh Meadows, Queens.

What’s he done? Facinelli received his first big break when he was cast as Mike Dexter in the high school comedy, Can’t Hardly Wait. The film is considered a cult hit. Facinelli later appeared as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the film adaptations of the Twilight series.

Why is he an icon? Along with appearing in the massively popular and financially successful Twilight series, Facinelli currently appears in the Emmy nominated Showtime series, Nurse Jackie.

Quote: “Everyone has a different path. I knew no one in the acting industry growing up. I never did a play until I was in college. I was not unspoken when I was younger and hated being the center of attention. But I had a dream of being an actor. I went to NYU and studied theater. I learned a craft. And began my career straight out of college.”

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