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Where is it? 175 Fifth Avenue, the Flatiron District

What’s it done? Originally called the Fuller Building, the Flatiron Building was completed in 1902. It was designed by Daniel Burnham as a vertical Renaissance palazzo with Beaux-Arts styling. Its name is derived from it’s wedge-shaped resemblance to a cast-iron clothes iron. It is not the only wedge-shaped building, but it is one of the most famous.

Why it’s an icon? This groundbreaking building is a true icon of NYC and has its own district within the city as its surrounding neighborhood is called the Flatiron District. The building became a NYC Landmark in 1966, was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970, and was named a National Historic Landmark in 1989.

Quote: “I found myself agape, admiring a sky-scraper the prow of the Flat-iron Building, to be particular, ploughing up through the traffic of Broadway and Fifth Avenue in the afternoon light.” – H.G. Wells, The Future in America: A Search After Realities



Featured image courtesy of Skyscraper Page

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