By Camilla Webster

She is the maven behind Caroline’s on Broadway and praised with recognizing America’s great comedic rising talent including Jerry Seinfeld and Paul Reubens. Her name is Caroline Hirsh — a born and raised New Yorker who the public first came to know when Jay Leno used to mention her club on Letterman whenever he was performing in New York City.

Tracy Morgan told New York Natives that Caroline’s gave him the opportunity to perform twenty years ago when he was coming up. The headlining Bronx comedian always loves to return: “Whenever I come here I still feel like the first time. Butterflies all of that…”

We’re proud to present a more intimate portrait with this leading woman — Caroline Hirsch – the creative, the producer, the executive behind the state of comedy today.


Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Kevin Talbot

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