By Anjali Mansukhani

Traditionally, men were known to be shy about personal grooming and short on maintenance, but with the advent of “mansome” rituals like manscaping and brands like the recently-launched Tom Ford for Men line–hello, mud mask and concealer!– finally, Gotham’s globe-trotting, uber-suave Jetrosexuals are crashing the grooming glass ceiling, embracing product and becoming their own trophy wives.

Just in time for the holidays, we’ve created this go-to grooming guide for keeping your own Jetrosexual looking great… or for self-gifting, of course:


Exfoliate, deep-cleanse and correct blotchy complexions with the Brightening Peel featuring glycolic and Vitamin C available at the men’s only Nickel Spa in Chelsea.


A modern twist to your grandpa’s barbershop, John Allan’s offers massages, facials and specializes in their own skin and hair care products. A truly relaxing man cave, get a shave, shoot pool and sip on frothy cappuccinos or a cold Sam Adams.


Scandinavians, Romans, and Japanese have long used saunas for relaxation. Partake in the traditional Russian sauna and exfoliation treatment at Body by Brooklyn. The Platza treatment stimulates circulation all over the body and removes toxins by way of an intense scrub with a broom made of fresh oak leaves soaked in warm fragrant water. Very invigorating and only for the truly brave.


Detox at the Mortal Man Spa in Chelsea which offers The Bon Vivant service — a foot bath, facial and wax-clearing ear candling that truly helps the sinuses and improves the hearing.


At Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers, have your blackheads covered with their Signature Facial.  Distract yourself at the marble bar by watching CNBC or ESPN. Shh… we won’t tell anyone their back waxing is your private secret.


Other daily must-haves include Aesop’s Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum available at any of the six Aesop’s stores city-wide. Bergdorf Goodman now features the fave Korean line Sulwhasoo’s Essential Skin Refiner for Men. And NYC’s Blue Mercury shops will dazzle you with products from Anthony Logistics, Acqua Di Parma, Molton Brown and Jack Black.


Finally, if you’re jetting away from JFK, indulge at the Elemis Travel Spa to look good on arrival.

Safe travels and happy moisturizing!


Featured image courtesy of Yahoo

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