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Two Boots Pizza

What do Tony Clifton, Larry Tate, and Newman have in common? They’re all delicious, if somewhat untraditional, specialty pizzas on the Two Boots menu. Two Boots strives to shake the myth that all New York pizza is the same, offering toppings like Shiitake mushrooms, red pepper pesto, and Vidalia onions (found on the Tony Clifton). A Louisiana joie de vivre is evident; enjoy a pizza with andouille sausage, crawfish, Creole chicken, and tasso and check out the Two Boots Mardi Gras Ball, benefitting the Lower Eastside Girls Club.

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As New Yorkers, we all know things come up or work can get in the way, and when you’re a pet owner, that means you can’t always be home to play with your pup. Enter BarkBud — your dog’s best friend when you can’t be there. The good folks at BarkBud walk, play, and entertain your pup, with services ranging from private daily walks to overnight stays. And there’s more! Use code “NativePaws15” and save 15% on your first 5 walks.


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The Voices

The Voices

“It” girl Anna Kendrick joins the charismatic (and new father) Ryan Reynolds for the morbid comedy, The Voices. Managing to be horrific and hilarious at the same time, Reynolds turns in a topnotch, unique performance, with the help of some talking heads and talking pets. The Voices is a film you shouldn’t let slip through the cracks, surrounded by  glitzy blockbuster flops like Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son. Fans of the cult-classic Donnie Darko will undoubtedly enjoy this off-kilter comedy.


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Lupita’s Restaurant

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The best part about living in Spanish Harlem (besides the ever-present sound of salsa music emanating from apartment windows in the summer) is the food. Pop into just about any of the mom-and-pop taquerías above 100th between Lexington and the East River and you’re bound to score a legit Mexican meal at a reasonable price. But Lupita’s Restaurant at 105th Street and 2nd Avenue deserves special recognition — so much so that I’ve christened a weekly, personal holiday in its honor: Burrito Night. Yes, that is the evening — normally a Monday or Tuesday — in which I gorge myself on Lupita’s savory braised pork burrito. Not to be outdone are the enchiladas, tortas, sopes, and, of course, their selection of tacos that includes lengua (that’s beef tongue for you gringos). Truth be told, I’ve only ordered delivery from Lupita’s (yes, they’re on Seamless), but according to Google Street View, its quaint storefront is located directly adjacent to Milk Burger, another Uptown favorite of mine. I smell a Louis C.K.-style “bang bang” coming on…

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