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Phoenix: Xu Bing at the Cathedral

The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine is displaying Phoenix, an installation by artist Xu Bing. Phoenix is comprised of two birds, measuring 90 and 100 feet respectively, and weighing 12 tons.  Don’t miss these truly awe-inspiring creations!

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debra fine Native Approved: Phoenix, Debra Fine, Gator Boys, Cherry on Top, and Woodkid
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The Power of Meeting New People: Start Conversations, Keep Them Going, Build Rapport, Develop Friendships, and Expand Business by Debra Fine

Today’s world is increasingly influenced by who we know and the relationships we build. Former introvert Debra Fine’s book helps those with difficulties meeting new people, giving them the tools they need to build and strengthen relationships in their lives.

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Gator Boys on Animal Planet

In the theme of Swamp People, Animal Planet’s Gator Boys chronicles the lives of skilled alligator trappers Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle as they wrestle alligators that have invaded the homes of Florida Everglade residents.

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Cherry (355 West 16th St.) is located on the lower level of the Dream Hotel in Chelsea. Quite possibly one of the best meals New York Natives has had in ages, Cherry features French-inspired Japanese fare, hand-crafted cocktails, outstanding service, and mind-blowing sushi in an elegant atmosphere. Awesome from start to finish!

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“Run Boy Bun” by Woodkid

“Run Boy Run” is one of the standout tracks from The Golden Age, the debut studio album of French singer-songwriter Woodkid. The music video for “Run Boy Run” was nominated for Best Short Form Music Video at the 2013 Grammy Awards.

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