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NFL 2015 — A Bad Lip Reading

Once again, it’s time for one of the most important sporting events of the year. No, not the Superbowl; the fine folks at Bad Lip Reading have blessed us with the NFL 2015 edition. In only four minutes, this viral YouTube hit manages to be funnier than Mortdecai, The Wedding Ringer, Horrible Bosses 2, and The Interview combined. In conclusion, “Better get down, gonna dance good friend. Jigga Jick, Jabba Jabba.”


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Barrio 47

Located in the West Village, Barrio 47 is cool but cozy, and sophisticated but not stuffy. The menu is an inspired and delicious combination of influences: French, Italian, Spanish, Basque, Tapas, and more are all evident, and the results are pretty spectacular. The Lobster Paella is even better than it looks, or stop by for brunch and try the Merguez Sausage Hash…and perhaps a delicious Champagne cocktail, too.


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“Elastic Heart” by Sia

“Elastic Heart” is classic Sia: dynamic, powerful, and haunting, accompanied by a music video that’s a little edgy (and stirring up a little controversy to go with it). The fourth single from her hit album, 1000 Forms of Fear, “Elastic Heart” is yet another example of why Sia is destined and deserving of far greater success than that of a perpetual collaborator.


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I’m a guy who likes to look sharp when I’m going out. One of the problems I run into is that someone always seems to be wearing the same thing as me, or close to it. So, I decided to invest in spicing up my style a bit, and set up an account with FreshNeck — the Netflix of men’s accessories. How it works is pretty simple: you choose a collection of ties, they ship it, you wear it. When you’re ready to change things up again, just send them back for a new collection. This way, I have a red carpet wardrobe and I never have to wear the same tie twice!

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