mayor bloomberg
By Jon Weidman

Are you a hardcore libertarian? Than you probably hate our Mayor. But are you a technophile also? Than you probably love our Mayor. But you also enjoy huge sodas? Then fuck Bloomberg. Except you ride a bicycle? All hail King Mike!

One thing is clear: Mayor Bloomberg believes that it is appropriate for his office to take a direct, hands-on approach to shaping the lifestyles of New Yorkers. For those not preoccupied by the big government debate, whether or not you approve of his tactics is likely aligned with whether or not you approve of his vision.

Is Mayor Bloomberg imposing on or enriching the lives of New Yorkers? Let’s take a look at the hot button issues:

Bike Lanes

Image courtesy of Streetsblog

Image courtesy of Streetsblog

Should New York City’s streets cater to cyclists and pedestrians or drivers and skeptical business owners?

Bloomberg says… “The reality is more and more New Yorkers are biking, and the more bike lanes we put in, the fewer deaths and serious injuries we have on our streets.”

Critics say… “Fewer lanes for cars and trucks, vehicles unattractively parked in the middle of the street and damage to stores and restaurants caused by the impossibility of dropping off passengers.” (Steve Cuozzo, New York Post)


Image courtesy of New York Daily News

Image courtesy of New York Daily News

Is the (perceived) racial profiling and increase in brutality allegations caused by legally dubious police stops worth the (perceived) drop in violent crime?

Bloomberg says… “Nobody likes to get stopped, but you have to do something and it’s a question of stopping and annoying you or saving your life, I know which one we’re going to do.”

Critics say… “NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program is out of control, and it is not making us safer. It is undermining the rights and the dignity of so many New Yorkers.” (Donna Lieberman, Executive Director of NYCLU)

Sugary Drink Ban

Image courtesy of AL

Image courtesy of AL

Is combating the obesity epidemic worth what some would consider a restriction of personal liberty?

Bloomberg says… “There is one public health crisis that has grown worse and worse over the years, and that is obesity. Five thousand people will die of obesity this year in New York. The best science tells us that sugary drinks are a cause of obesity.”

Critics say… “After walking around New York City today, I stopped to enjoy a refreshing and extra large Double Gulp from 7-11. Cheers Mayor Mike Bloomberg! #freedom” (Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona)

Taxi of Tomorrow

Image courtesy of Okeeve Foster

Image courtesy of Okeeve Foster

Is this insane looking Nissan really the best option to saturate New York City’s streets?

Bloomberg says… “This taxi for the 21st century was designed from the inside out and the result is the safest, most comfortable, most passenger friendly taxi to ever hit our streets.”

Critics say… “Nearly half of the city’s taxi fleet is already hybrid, a significant achievement that will soon be undone.” (Dana Rubinstein, Capital New York)


Featured image courtesy of the Daily News