Staten Island Ferry Crashes in New York
By Nancy Mendelson

My husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on New Year’s Eve. What makes this a really big deal, is that we had both been married twice before…so this was a personal best for each of us.

What makes this an even bigger deal is that we met through, long before the process of online dating became as commonplace as ordering a meal on Seamless.

But the biggest deal of all is that, at the time, I lived here in NYC and he was in Sydney, Australia — not visiting; it was his home.

Both my husband and I went on “Match” for a 10-day free trial and connected on our very last day. I opened my search criteria to the world; he didn’t, but I popped as a match anyway…so you just never know.

For some New Yorkers — and I know a few — inter-borough dating is considered a long distance relationship. If it’s not convenient, it’s just not happening. To these people I say, “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

Cross a bridge, hop a subway, take a ferry…there are some things that are well worth getting out of your comfort zone for; and I don’t mean pizza.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Nancy Mendelson
CEO & Editor-in-Chief

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