Calendar Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
By Nancy Mendelson

July was a pretty rough month for many people I know — myself included — and I’m happy to see the ass-end of it. I find myself welcoming August with the kind of wide-eyed optimism I usually experience when I have something specific to look forward to…which is currently not the case. Today, I find myself simply looking forward.

It reminds of a joke I once heard about a mom who takes her identical twins — one a pessimist, and the other an optimist — to see a shrink in an effort to understand how people so similar can be so different. The shrink puts each kid in a glass booth full of horse manure and then observes their behavior.

Once inside, the pessimist begins banging on the walls, screaming about how crappy his life is, and how “this kind of stuff always happens” to him. Meanwhile, the optimist is joyfully digging around and singing, as he gleefully flings poop in the air.

“What are you so happy about?” the shrink asks the optimistic twin, who eagerly replies…wait for it…“With all this shit, there has to be a pony here somewhere!”

So to everyone who struggled through a seemingly endless amount of crap in July…I truly hope you find your pony!