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By Nancy Mendelson

Most everyone on the New York Natives staff is in their 20s and 30s, and I’m not. So it’s up to me to represent…to show these young’uns that having significantly more life experience doesn’t necessarily make one old. This is tricky, because some of the things they’re into are pure torture for me — like wearing headphones and earbuds, and texting — and since we share an open office space, there’s no hiding or faking it.

So my challenge becomes staying true to myself, while not coming across like some Luddite overlord.

***Urban Dictionary defines a Luddite as “one who fears technology (or new technology, as they seem pleased with how things currently are…why can’t everything just be the same?)”

Just because I prefer talking on a flip phone, emailing on a BlackBerry, and hate texting doesn’t mean I’m techno-phobic or old (…does it?). Actually, there has never been a single moment when I’ve felt over the hill or past my “use by” date.

In fact staying true to myself hasn’t proved to be much of a challenge after all; I don’t think it has for any of the New York Natives team. Like the City itself, we celebrate diversity; and even though we’re crammed into a relatively small space for our numbers, there’s room for unique individuals to be who they are, and thrive at any age.

We don’t judge here, but we do mock a lot!

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