By Elizabeth Blake

“Let’s get present,” she says as she looks deep into your soul. Biet Simkin, a meditation teacher, is “naturally inclined toward living in the realm of the magical and the calm.” A true New Yorker, she is a lover of the fast paced luxury life, enjoying the pleasures of food, fashion and sex, while consciously cultivating inner beauty and peace. In her harmonious integration of these sometimes seemingly polar ways of living, she is the perfect embodiment of Kokoro Chic.

With lots of love and a little bit of edge, she makes meditation easily accessible to anyone and any situation, including NYC late night parties! Her presence, style and grace inspires as she guides you on “the path inward, inwards towards the center of the cyclone, the silent place underneath all the madness.”

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Featured image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Kevin Talbot

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