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By Lori Cheek

I’m a first time entrepreneur with a relentless determination to succeed at the dating game…both professionally and personally. A couple of years ago, my quest to help people connect even led me to meet the man I’d planned to marry.

Ironically, my passion and laser-focused ambition recently overshadowed my relationship and, as a result, my one-and-a-half year engagement came to a screeching halt. To ease the pain, I convinced myself that if Sex and The City could end when Carrie Bradshaw got engaged, the best shot I had at growing my business empire was as a single woman in New York. I even went so far as to entertain the notion that I’d be fine dating a series of ‘Mr. Really Right Now’s,’ rather than finding ‘The One.’ That didn’t last long.

After a few weeks of lapsed reality, I remembered my own best advice to my clients, and am officially back on the market, using my own resource to find out my own “Mr. Big.”

While doing a little competitive research for the new dating app I’m developing, I decided to explore the world of Tinder, and in the process, successfully managed to build ”matches” with nearly 200 hot, single men within a 3-mile radius. But not a single “swipe to the right” — Tinder’s “I like you” —  led to a date. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and invite one of the lucky matches to my annual Kentucky Derby Bash.

It didn’t take very long to discover that hosting a huge social event wasn’t the ideal scenario for a first date. While overwhelmed by greeting arriving guests and making introductions, the man I had invited found solace with one of my best girlfriends, and within an hour had his hand on her leg. They actually looked kind of cute together.

I’m a digital matchmaker, so from a business perspective, I was successful. Personally, however, I vow to never cheat on my own business with the next big thing., I’ll never stray from you again. We’ve got a lot of work to do, me and you.

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