By Tatiana Pérez

I’d first like to concede that New Year’s resolutions are, by and large, bullsh*t. No matter how deeply I wish it weren’t true, I realize that I don’t wake up on the first of January of every year with a brain re-wired to be repelled by bread and chocolate. If only secretly, we all know that most of the exaggerated pledges-to-self we make in the wake of post-holiday self-hate rarely pan out according to plan. This year, however, I’m committed to my 2014 oath. I don’t think what I’m asking of myself is unreasonable; I’m not swearing off carbs or promising to do something irrationally vague like “stop procrastinating.” Rather, my resolution for this new year is uncomplicated and specific: wake up before 9 (a.m., to be clear), every day.

Like any college student, I treasure my sleep. But my habit of snoozing past 11 or, often, noon, is becoming unmanageable. I’ve decided that, by sleeping in late so frequently, I’m failing to take advantage of a handful of life’s small but sweet opportunities. As such, I’ve contrived a list of reasons why I think waking up earlier will make my life easier/ better. Voilà:

1. Working out

There’s honestly no greater dilemma than choosing between salvaging a good hair day and going to the gym after classes. Every day around 4 p.m., I’m forced with the imperious decision between getting in a work out and looking cute for the rest of the evening. Trust: it’s a serious issue. So, I figure, if I start waking up early enough to work out before classes, I can avoid the matter altogether. F*cking genius, I know.

2. Getting into fewer fights with my mom

This one only applies to my limited time spent at home, but let’s not undermine its pertinence. My mom is a New Yorker through and through; you’ll seldom see her in bed past 8 simply because she doesn’t see the advantage of sacrificing even a fraction of what could be a highly productive day to oversleep. As a result, she gets rather frustrated with me when I wake up at lunchtime, a frustration which often leads to unnecessary bickering. So… I get my ass up earlier, we don’t argue, right? (OMG Tati, mature! Good 4 u.)

3. Eating breakfast

Need I expand? Omelets, Greek yogurt, french toast, etc. are the sh*t, and honestly, I’m just cheating myself by missing out on the daily.

4. Homework

Okay, so #4 is really revolutionary: if I wake up early to get ahead/catch up on homework, I won’t have to stay up until those unholy, unproductive wee hours of the morning as I scramble to get my life in order. Once again, genius. Why I got into college, folks.

5. Being on time

If you know me at all, you’re privy to my unflattering and highly annoying habit of quite literally always being late. So, I figure, if I start my day earlier, I’ll be far more likely to make it to my first engagement on time, which I’m hoping will start a positive chain reaction of timeliness for the rest of the day.

6. More sunlight

It’s now January, which means that, for almost two months, in the valleys of rural New England and even in our City, the sun has been setting uncomfortably early. The fact that it starts getting dark around 4:30 p.m. is extremely depressing, for lack of a more artful word, but perhaps my seasonal sadness would be mitigated if I wasn’t getting by on four hours of sunlight every day. More sun, happier me. Easy.

7. Cool sh*t

Finally, I’ve decided that sleeping in is the source of missing out on a lot of cool sh*t in life. I’m not entirely sure what kind of cool sh*t, exactly, but I’m confident that by taking advantage of the early hours of the day, I’ll be opening the door to some of it. What say you, New York?


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