Jeremy Lin Knicks Getty Images Sport/Chris Chambers
By Anna Brooks

I have been a Knicks fan since I was a little kid. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to see them at their best. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few stretches in there where it looked like they could really get it together and get some wins. I remember when Jeremy Lin was all the talk in my homeroom class. Then there was that crazy season where the Knicks won like 15 games in a row! That isn’t typical, though.

Nevertheless, there are some silver linings to the Knicks being so inconsistent; a few years ago, after a middle school basketball game where my team played in two overtimes before losing by a point to the other intramural team, my dad and I went to a Knicks game. I was feeling pretty bummed out about the loss, but then I watched my Knicks fight for the win, too, and lose to some other team. I remember feeling a little bit better.

So, if any Knicks fan is feeling sad about having a team that brings in more losses than wins, just think about all of the middle school children who are feeling relieved to know that the professionals can lose, too. If that perspective doesn’t float your boat, here’s another thing to think about: for teams that are having good seasons, tickets tend to be super expensive. At certain points in Knicks history, tickets could go for thousands of dollars, but now, even people who couldn’t afford to get really good seats at games can. Plus, the Knicks also may be able to get a really good draft pick for next year.

The point is, all Knicks fans — or fans of any losing sports team — need to look for ways to be optimistic. As I constantly hear from my Mets-loving uncle and mother, “it’s important not to be a fair weather fan.”

So for now, instead of thinking about how bad the Knicks are, I listen to my dad reminisce about the last time they won a championship (like when he was two), and think about all of the ways that the Knicks not being the best team is a good thing.

Then I remember that the Rangers are having a great season!

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