Nancy Mendelson

Nancy Mendelson is an award-winning producer/director, a member of the Writers Guild of America, and the CEO & Editor-in-Chief of New York Natives. She took the reins of the digital media and production company in October 2013, rebranding and relaunching its website as a culturally relevant outlet that taps, distills, and delivers native intelligence about the City through the unique voices and experiences of its contributors.

A career communicator, Nancy has held key positions in  broadcasting, publishing, advertising, event and media production, working with major corporations and global brands.  She taught a graduate course in the Marketing of Destinations at NYU for 5 semesters, and continues to take on select consulting projects, specializing in the revitalization and transformation of brands, businesses and destinations.

Although not born in the five boroughs, Nancy’s love for this City led her here when she was 17, or as she likes to say, “when Max’s Kansas City and The Fillmore East were still around.” She has called New York her home ever since.