Kaetan Mazza

Kaetan Mazza is an independent writer living in Jersey City, because he likes it there and not because NYC rent “is too damn high.” His work has been featured in other highly discriminating outlets such as BrokeAssStuart.com and Medium, where it has been viewed by literally dozens of people.

Elsewhere in his professional life, Kaetan has worn many hats. He’s done tech consulting in New York and New Delhi, bartended party cruises, “helped” others write term papers, sold tuxedo packages at Men’s Wearhouse, and babysat (even he’s surprised that parents trust him with their kids). A graduate of Florida International University, he holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations.

Kaetan does his best to mock the serious and thoughtfully consider the silly. His hobbies include reading books written by dead guys and engaging strangers in drunken debate. He’s an internationally renowned couch surfer and is highly skilled at convincing people he knows more about things than he actually does.