James L . Knobloch

James L. Knobloch is a writer and editor with a sharp tongue and a big smile, taking on city living one slightly-veiled sarcastic comment at a time.

Born and raised just outside New Orleans in Thibodaux, Louisiana, James is a living testament to his own mantra: “Southern hospitality is a privilege, not a right.” He brought that mantra with him to New York when he accepted an internship with fashion icon Kelly Cutrone’s PR firm People’s Revolution, and began working at New York’s famed Fashion Week the very same day he arrived in the City.

Since then, James has worked with the digital agency Socially Acclaimed, and is now the Managing Editor of New York Natives in addition to penning his own column for the site, Snark and the City.

James currently resides in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of Manhattan. He has a long-standing passion for the arts, Louisiana football, and anything covered in melted cheese.