Chris Vespoli

Chris Vespoli is a versatile and accomplished writer, producer, and performer of television, film, and digital media content. His work has appeared on Spike, CMT, The Daily Show, Conan, Maury, NBC’s Today, and the websites College Humor and Funny or Die. He has also written content for Gawker, IFC, and Condé Nast.

A stand-up and improvisational comedian, Chris has performed on some of the biggest stages in New York and Los Angeles, including The Comedy Store, The Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and Broadway Comedy Club.

Chris began his career in the media industry as an NBC Page and a Production Assistant for Saturday Night Live, and later worked as a Program Research Analyst for the USA and Syfy cable networks.

A native of Queens and a product of suburban Long Island upbringing, Chris now resides in Manhattan with his wife and dog. In addition to writing the weekly New York Natives column Awkward New York, he also serves as the website’s Creative Director.

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