Wendy Cohen

Wendy Cohen is the author of FASHION PLUS LIFE.

FASHION PLUS LIFE is a monthly column by Curvy Stylist & Writer, Wendy Cohen, about plus-size clothing, navigating through life with more to love, and seeing and appreciating all kinds of beauty in New York.

From plus-size fashion shows to the hidden gems of graffiti art in the least expected New York ways. Easily relatable, compassionate, heartfelt and loving, and very human, Wendy Cohen, will make you laugh, cry, and take you on a plus size whirlwind adventure. With 17 years of professional Fashion and Beauty Merchandising and Account Management experience from Saks, Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Lane Bryant, Elie Tahari, DKNY & NARS, she has been on the inside of the mysteriously alluring and compelling fashion landscape, observing and participating in what makes the best of the best stay on top of the industry while being in a Curvy body.