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By Camilla Webster

It’s the season of list makers and rankings of the global urban metropolis. New York, we’re doing swimmingly.

If your heart aches for the Manhattan of Rizzoli…of Pearl…head over to DaVinci on 24th Street for that ultramarine blue, or try picking up a coffee table book and attending an event at the PowerHouse Arena in Dumbo. I can’t promise you a replica of the New York City you have known — the stalwarts you counted on — but I can give you a city of new adventures. Isn’t that what you came here for? What you really counted on? Isn’t that why you stayed?

%name Because It Matters: The Empire State Strikes Back
Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Cammila Webster

I can promise you we’ll still be here at the apex — a fact that is sometimes lost in our love affair with old New York. But, the future looks bright. The data affirms this. Here it is:

New York City tops the list of the Best Cities and Neighborhoods for Millennials.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn wins according to a study by Niche released this spring. While we kvetch over the soaring rents and drown in siren filled nights, New York City came first in shopping, transportation, and culture for the 25-34 year old set. What do we also do well? According to their study — high paying jobs and “professional opportunities.”

Why It Matters: Millenials are the future and their experiences shape the next New York City. Our compass has a new north called Brooklyn. There’s everything right about our city’s sprawling value proposition expanding as it ages, not unlike London did decades earlier. Rising rents are our cross to bear and yet there’s revolution in our outskirts and that’s a good thing. If you’ve ever been to Greenpoint, you’ll know it’s a lot nicer than some of the Upper East Side fraternity dens of yore for the recently graduated. Did you know that out of all NYC tourist shwag, Brooklyn is the most popular? And just twenty years ago, “Greenpoint where?”

New York City is the Top U.S. Destination for the fourth year in a row.

TripAdvisor measures users’ ranking for hotels, attractions, and restaurants in a location over a year. According to them, we’ve done it again.

Why It Matters: Tourism is at the heart of the New York City economy. Did you know New York City tourism attracted over 50 million visitors and over 45 billion dollars in economic impact in recent years? The City’s expectations under the Bloomberg administration were for another 15 billion on the table for 2015. That’s jobs. Lots of jobs. Do invite your friends and family for a visit; Chicago, San Francisco and Las Vegas are hot on our heels. Considering Istanbul is number 1 in the world and NYC is number 12, it’s easy to see we have work to do to stay at our best and brightest. World domination please! Focus people, focus!

New York City was The Most Instagrammed City in the World in 2013

New York City locations were also in the top ten of The Most Instagrammed Locations of 2013. Times Square came in second, Central Park came in seventh and the High Line ranked tenth on the list provided by Instagram’s blog.

%name Because It Matters: The Empire State Strikes Back

New York City’s Tourist Attractions Winning on Instagram in 2014

While this is certain to change, recently, Times Square ranked number two on the Top 20 most Instagrammed tourist attractions in the World just after The Eiffel Tower. The Empire State Building was 8th, the Brooklyn Bridge was 12th and the Statue of Liberty was 13th.

Why It Matters: It’s just as important to stay relevant in the virtual world as the physical. We’re setting hearts and minds alight as an aspirational destination organically rising on the wind of the Interweb Gods.

%name Because It Matters: The Empire State Strikes Back
Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Camilla Webster

New York tops the list of the World’s Most Global Cities.

New York City is among leading cities in the ranking in The Global Cities Index or GCI. The GCI looks at how globally engaged a city is across different areas like business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience and political engagement.

Why It Matters: Well this sounds like a wonk’s headache. Truth is, we need a business value proposition for our international partners and investors. Notice those insane real estate values? They’re currently propped up by the Chinese, Arab and Russian gazillionaires. These reports matter to them and therefore to our economy. Boston dropped from 15th to 21st, because according to The Independent, “While much of its decline is attributable to a change in the metric that assesses the richness and quality of its culinary offering, the Index said the level of political engagement and its music and theatre scene have also failed to keep up with those other cities…” With Sushi Yasuda, DiBlasio’s Stop and Frisk, Jay-Z, and the Tribeca Film Festival, our natives — and the creative geniuses who come “to make it here” — are making sure we’re set to dominate, despite a declining dollar, an over-valued Wall Street, and a supposed tech bubble on the horizon.

New York City ranks fourth on the list of U.S. cities with the most Energy Star buildings.

Why It Matters: Bye-bye iconic plumes of pollution. We have to position ourselves to be a city that is progressive from both an economic and environmental standpoint. According to the EPA, Energy star buildings use an average of 35 percent less energy and are responsible for 35 percent less carbon dioxide emissions than the typical building. Don’t you want to save on your electricity bill? Yes. Yes, you do.

%name Because It Matters: The Empire State Strikes Back
Image courtesy of New York Natives, Photographer: Camilla Webster

In conclusion: we’re relevant, engaged, energy conscious, a social hot spot, and a top tourist destination. The next New York is here and we’re ready for a new decade.

Long live the greatest city in the world in a state called Empire!

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