By Camilla Webster

If you are having trouble reaching your true love in New York City by midnight for a New Year’s kiss because you are stuck amidst throngs of revelers, I advise high tactical but harmless drama.

Many moons ago when I was working on New Year’s Eve at the CBS Broadcast Center, I completed an evening producing at 11pm and promptly barreled out the revolving doors on West 57th Street and headed towards Times Square.

I had to reach Times Square before midnight to share that wonderful turning of another year with my boyfriend Jeremy. The son of a legendary soap star and a TV anchor himself, he never shied away from an opportunity to perform before a large NYC audience. We texted and phoned and found ourselves at the 11th hour with a block between us, police barricades and a roaring crowd.

The next thing I knew, Jeremy had jumped upon his side of the gigantic NYPD blue sawhorses and at the top of his lungs howled “Steeeellllllaaaaaaa.” The cops stared at him, the crowd’s roar dulled to awe. Everyone’s voyeuristic dreams of A Street Car Named Desire were coming true that night. I grinned. My heart blew up with stars. He even had that white shirt, his jacket off.

I wiggled underneath the barricade in front of the cop and pointed at Jeremy. He howled again “Stellllllaaaaaa”, staring through me. The cop in front of me roughly shouted at me smirking, “Is that you?” Before he could finish I started running. Jeremy jumped from his post and we had our first kiss before midnight. We’re not together anymore but we’ll always have New Year’s. And so should you. Because it Matters.

If you’re a New Yorker you may have only just committed to your New Year’s Eve plan. Now you have just a few hours left before a gazillion Swarovski crystal slide into the throbbing mob.

Book your New Year’s Eve midnight kiss and a midnight kiss backup. It will be nearly impossible to traverse the city, so do set realistic expectations of where, why and what you are doing. Should you seek a more inspiring romantic location for the dawn of January 1st 2014, look no further than your rooftop or Central Park. The fireworks will be spectacular. Choose your warm bodies and brief them on your plan. Write down everything you appreciate about that man, woman or animal before the evening of parties begins. Share those feelings. Take breath mints.

Of course you can always ignore all my advice and grab the person nearest for a surprise encounter.

It’s New York City, on New Year’s Eve – anything can happen!


Featured image courtesy of The Kissing Expert

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